Web translation

Web translation

Wordchange’s foremost expertise is to localize and translate your web page into Swedish. Now, extracting the texts from the current web page for translation and then inserting the finished translations from WordPress and similar tools can be tricky and takes time. Why not let me do the whole lot for you and have a smart looking multilingual site set up in no time? If you want your web page translated into other languages too, I can use my network and all you need is one contact which means less hassle for you. A small scale agency to an affordable price.

This service is especially suited for the small and medium-sized web page which is targeted at the Scandinavian and German-speaking markets but all European markets are possible.

Anna Lawrence has studied Web development and web design, has programmed web pages and has written two university papers on the subject of translating web pages and readability on the web. She has also translated a large number of web pages and is passionate about helping customers reach out internationally through the ever-growing web. Anna’s ability to read and write HTML, XHTML and CSS also helps her in translating documents full of tags and coding.

Do you want a smooth transition into the Swedish market? Search no further.

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