Professionella språktjänster inom svenska, engelska och tyskaProfessional language services in Swedish, English and German


Translation of English, German and Norwegian into Swedish. I take on assignments within several fields but my main areas of expertise are within textile, fashion, retail, all kinds of texts for the web, accountancy, marketing, software, IT, consumer goods, sport, tourism, skin care and cosmetics, jewellery and magazines.

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Improve your texts by letting an expert proof-read and edit them before print or publishing. You are the expert of what you are doing, but writing might not be your strongest side. Let me manage the language side of things while you get down to business.

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Make your video material more accessible by offering subtitling in Swedish. I subtitle informational videos, educational films, advertisements, movies and tv for material with spoken language in English, German or Swedish. Subtitling of material with Swedish speech also aids persons with hearing-impairments and persons with another mother-tongue than Swedish.

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Anna Lawrence

Anna Lawrence

A freelance translator with a Master’s Degree in Translation and seven years experience in the field. Focuses on meeting the varied needs of the customer and delivering high quality translations.

Why choose Wordchange?

Wordchange has seven years experience, a vast network of colleagues and a Master’s Degree in Translation to fall back on.

Plus, a freelance translator is generally more affordable than an agency and gives you direct contact with the language specialist.

Are you looking at expanding into the Swedish market? Why not let the translator help you with more than just the language. I can aid you in adapting your sales material into the target market and establishing the right contacts to reduce the risk of the language barrier crippling your chance at success.

With Wordchange you can trust getting the language help you need.

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